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Parking Information

Street Parking: Free street parking is available on 34th Street and surrounding blocks.

Lot Parking: Lot parking is available for a fee next to Liberty Cannabis on Keswick Road. Note that this lot is not affiliated with the event or any of the residents on the street. It is a privately owned lot; we only mention it because some visitors prefer lot parking to parallel parking (and it is the only lot in the area).

All parking is on a first-come first-served basis so on especially busy evenings be prepared to have to walk to the lights.

Additionally, at times the street will close without warning if the crowds become too large. If this happens, the lights will only be accessible by foot.

Map Key

Purple: Miracle on 34th Street Block

Red: Pay to Park on Keswick Road

Green: Popular free street parking

(though all parking in Hampden is free except near the Avenue)

Note: The residents of 34th Street are in no way affiliated with any parking lots, parking reservations, or pay-to-park areas. Additionally, any street parking is park-at-your-own-risk. Any damage to vehicles is not the responsibility of the residents of 34th Street, including parking on the block itself. 

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