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Greetings from Bob & Dar!

How did this get started? “I could live on a dead-end street in the desert and still do this." says Bob Hosier, the “guy who started this all”. It started back with his humble beginnings when he was a teenager and lived in Northeast Baltimore. He placed a string of lights on a tree in the family yard and the rest was history. Darlene Hughes’s family also decorated her home on 34th street so it only seemed fitting that these two would meet, get married (over 25 Years) and start the tradition that is what everyone now refers to as the "Miracle on 34th Street", which by the way happens to be Darlene's favorite movie along with it is a Wonderful Life.

Bob Side Yard Glenarm Avenue.JPG

Over the years, many visitors from around the world have visited the lights on 34th Street and left many messages in the books that the Hosiers leave on their porch for people to sign and share. The street has been nationally recognized by Nightlight, The Travel Channel, the Maryland Lottery, Home and Garden, and the Today Show to name a few.


Some of the favorite displays are the hub cap Christmas tree, the flamingo house, the Hanukkah house., and the Ocean City  house. 


On behalf of 34th Street have a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. we look forward to seeing you and your family on “the street”.

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